Trumpeter's Titanic in 1/200 as built by Chris Flodberg.

Intro by Chris

Trumpeter's 1/200 Titanic.  This is the kit as-is out of the box.  The included photo-etch was fairly extensive except for a few conspicuous omissions and a number of tiny details.   I scratch built the foreword crane support and added the class-separation fences.  I also added canvas tarps to the boats.  I decided not to do the LED lighting due to my own inexperience with that kind of thing as I really didn't want to screw this up.  Instead of lighting it, I tried for a nice daytime display of the windows by backing them with metal plumbing foil to show off the pretty details of the windows.  It always bothers me in Titanic models how you can't see the brown window details against the blackness of the void behind them.   Due to COVID 19, I've been waiting forever to receive the right kind of rigging line to do the antenna.  This is why some of the pictures are lacking that particular feature. 



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