Kraken Hobbies have released a conversion set to convert the Trumpeter 1/350 HMS Kent into the Australian Navy cruiser HMAS Canberra.

HMAS Canberra conversion 

Scale - 1/350th

More details can be found here

HMAS Canberra, pride of the Australian Navy from 1929 to 1942, Showed the flag, served as Flagship and participated in early action in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. She is also famous for her demise at the hands of a Japanese surprise surface attack on the forces landing on Guadalcanal in August 1942 in which was commonly referred to as the "Worst Defeat". This 29- 3D printed resin part conversion set is all the major structures to convert the Trumpeter 1/350 HMS Kent to this ill fated cruiser. This set does not include the 4-inch single AA guns, a fantastic 3d printed set of those is available here. It also does not include 9- 20mm guns needed to complete the Canberra.

What is included is as follows-

2X Turret Top 20mm Tubs

01 Deck

Signal Bridge

Open Bridge

Control Forward

Main Battery Director

Type 271 Radar Lantern

Type 271 Surface search radar Array

Type A290 Air search Radar

2x 20mm Bandstands with clipping rooms

3x Funnels with accurate dimensions including the additional 3 feet added to the RAN cruisers

Forward engine room vent Deckhouse

Deckhouse for below Funnel 2

Walkway from 01 Deck to AA Gun Deck

AA Gun deck with integrated Deckhouses and Catapult tower

3x Petrol Storage Tanks

2x 21" Quad Torpedo tubes

Aft Deck Structure

Aft control and Searchlight director platform

Auxiliary Main Battery Director

Searchlight Platform with accurate offset tub and mount for HACS

Stern 20mm Gun Tub 

This set also includes a color set of instructions helping the modeler place each part and integrate with the Trumpeter kit. This kit represents our most complex one to date, but building is easy if you take your time and plan out how apply the 3D parts to the kit parts.

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