Philippines Naval Campaign 1944-45
The Battles After Leyte Gulf

Philippines Naval Campaign 1944-45 . The Battles After Leyte Gulf 

Expert naval historian, Mark Stille, throws new light on this often forgotten phase of the Pacific naval war. Among the actions covered are Task Force 38's operations, the battles for Ormoc Bay, the invasion of Mindoro and the San Jose Intrusion Force, Japanese TA operations and kamikaze attacks, the Luzon invasion, and Admiral Halsey's rampage through the South China Sea in January 1945. Superb battle scene artworks bring the war at sea and in the air vividly to life, and maps and diagrams guide readers through these dramatic actions in easy-to-follow detail.

The events that took place in the aftermath of the Battle of Leyte Gulf are often overlooked by military historians - yet an impressive array of naval operations continued in the Philippines up to January 1945. On the Japanese side, these included the largest convoys to a contested island during the war, the first kamikaze campaign, and the second largest Imperial Japanese Navy surface operation during the last nine months of the conflict. On the American side, US forces were involved in efforts to cut off Leyte from enemy reinforcement, a massive amphibious invasion off Luzon, and large-scale operations by Task Force 38.

Osprey Publishing

Author: Mark Stille

Illustrated by: Adam Tooby

96 Pages

ISBN: 9781472856999

7.25 X 9.75 inches



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