Day 8 and I have really enjoyed this week scouring various web sites going through all of my friends that I know have built ships, U-boats, FTB's etc trying to find some of those truly awesome builds I hope that you have enjoyed it as much as I have. Please can I thank Rolando Iezzi from Lifecolour Paints and Lisa from the Airbrush Company for getting the package to me so fast.

So for our final inspirations for this one we have a U-boat in a rough Atlantic Ocean on the prowl for its next kill from modelling friend Matúš Petr, and his U-boat Type VIIB

I really do hope that you all found some inspiration from this and I am hoping to continue more of these week long inspirations in the new year, and before I sign off I am still building my own build of an S-boat I will start putting pictures of this build in time. finally I would like to thank Jim for giving me the chance to do 'Inspirations' also Darren Baker for putting me forward to Jim about my 'Inspirations' lastly I have to say a massive thank you to Rolando Iezzi from Life colour and Lisa from Air brush company



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