Joy Yard Hobby starts selling their 2nd product as BB-67 Montana.


The Montana-class battleships were planned as successors of the Iowa class for the United States Navy, to be slower but larger, better armored, and with superior firepower. The US Navy planned to build 5 of this class battleship but due to the change of the wartime building priorities resulted in their cancellation in favor of continuing production of Essex-class aircraft carriers and Iowa-class battleships before any Montana-class keels were laid. Once they completed, they will be the most powerful battleship had ever built in the US history, and it would the only rival battleship in the Asia-Pacific to against Imperial Japanese Navy's Yamato class battleship which is the largest completed battleship in the history. 


After Joy Yard Hobby released their first product as Missouri in 2019. The sharp details and the beautiful PE&Upgrade really surprised me.  The same quality ae also ensured in their 2nd product whitch is the Montana. Differently from the Missouri kit, the Montana comes with the Master Pacakge which is the more advanced upgrade including interiors of bridges and etc. However, it is also the limited supply in the market and comes with the number of kit on the uniqe shinning bage(unlike in the image under, it is just the factory prototype version so it does not have the limited bage).

Nice detailed hull plating as always

The nice and beautiful hull details was one of the major part makes it popular in Asia market. Their 2nd product also comes with the high quality hulls so players does not need the extar work on hull platings.

Clean and sharp deck

Same as the Missouri kit, the deck has a very unique and clear wooden patterns on it. It make the ship looks much more realistic after painting and wash. 

Sharp details in superstructures

Sharp details in superstructures

The over view of the conten in the box

By comparing with the their previous kit, Montana actually has less parts to reduce the build time so players can have more time in upgrading, painting and weathering. 

My favorite!!!!! PE+ Upgrade

Joy Yard Hobby actuallly provide more upgrades for their customer this time. It including PE, brass parts and resin blast bags. They call this as "Master Package Edition". Differently as the previous Missouri, they sold the Kit+PE Upgrade and the enhenced upgrade Master Package separatly, but Montana has all the upgrade inside of the kit. 

Overall, I do see some improvments in Joy Yard Hobby's 2nd product. Respect for their efforts in product developments. It seems their product developmets are still mainly focus on serve the hard-core players now. But I do believe If I could finish this kit. It will looks absolutly amazing. Also, hope they could provide more unique topic model kit in the future. 

Let's see.

Also, thanks for Canada Commodities Trade Inc. provide me their sample kit to review. 



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