Magic Scale Modeling has released a plug & play electronic set for Trumpeter's 1/200th RMS Titanic.

Bring the life on board that your model desserve

As we want our electronics to be entirely Plug & Play and as realistic as possible, this set will replace ALL the components found in the Trumpeter kit.

No doubt that a fellow modeler or the aftermarket can benefit from it.

Our set will take control of your ship by recreating the atmosphere on the ship from boarding time till April 14th 23h40.The different lights will be on, off or dimmed according to the recreated phase in perfect synchronisation with the sound track.

We will go for the full illumination ... The Hull of course, but also the command bridge, all decks, bridges, cabinsand so on...

None of the focus points such as The restaurant and Grand staircase cupolas are not forgotten.

Full illumination ... includes also the regular and legal safety Navigation lights : Port and Starboard and, of course, the main and rear mast navigation lamps

Even if we bring a lot more lights than originally planned by the conceptors of the kit, you are not on your own.3D Printed parts are foreseen to support the additional vertical strips.Everything is well documented in the 30 pages guidance document, which will be automatically yours as soon as you will place your order.

Last, but not least...

If you prefer James Cameron cinematic effects instead of the historical configuration of the Titanic, we are proposing as an option all that you need to create a realistic illumination of the funnels thanks to a bunch of 4 NanoLeds and their 3D Printed support.

The Electronic kit contains the following components:

  • 21 Strips from 5 to 260 cms
  • 14 NanoLeds
  • 1 Electronic circuit
  • 7 Substations
  • 2 Full range stereo speakers
  • 3D Printed parts
  • UV glue
  • USB connector for connection to a Powerpack 5v – 2A . Suggested capacity of 10,000 mha
  • 30 pages leaflet of dedicated building instructions

the option for funnels illumination contains :

  • 16 NanoLeds of 40cm
  • 2 Substations
  • 3D printed parts (‘spots’ for funnels illuminations)

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