Pit Road are to re-release the 1/350th Maritime Self-Defense Force Missile Boat PG-824.

Maritime Self-Defense Force Missile Boat PG-824 (JB30) 

Scale - 1/350th

Item No - J94 

plastic model

・ Full hull model

・ Three ship names of Hasabusa, Wakataka, Otaka, decals of ship number included

・ Display stand included 

・ 1 ship included 

・ Total length: 152 mm

Six "Lyabusa" type missile boats were built from 2002 to 2004 as successors to the "No. 1" type missile boat. Sharp ship in consideration of stealth boasts a high speed of 44 knots in water jet propulsion by three gas turbines, armament is equipped with two twin launchers of 62 caliber 76mm single gun wearing the Maritime Self-Defense Force's first stealth type shield and type 90 ship anti-ship guided enemy. The first boat ,"Yingy shabu-saya", was commissioned in March 2002. I currently belong to the Maizuru District Corps.

The kit precisely reproduces the appearance of the [Hasabusa] type, such as the hull with a sharp bow unique to high-speed boats, three water jet engines, and an inclined main mast.

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