Seek high ground because Artitec has sent a tidal wave of new models for your maritime scenes. Some are factory assembled, and some are kits. All are scaled for 1/87.

Artitec has revived their video service:

Finally, we have revived our YouTube channel with videos of our new products for 2021. Below some of the presentations. We apologize for the lack of subtitles at the moment. We will be working on English language versions soon.

Artitec kits consist of resin and etched metal components:

In the box, you will find resin castings. This material sometimes needs to be sanded or trimmed so we recommend keeping a sharp scalpel and some sandpaper to hand. Resin is not coloured and can be painted with Humbrol enamel or acrylic paint. The small details are made of etched metal.

  • Big marker buoy (1x), Article number: 387.488
  • Harbour set + buoys, Article number: 10.407
  • Small marker buoy (2x), Article number: 387.489
  • Quayside accessories, Article number: 387.490
  • Double bitt bollard set (10x), Article number: 387.491
  • Tee bollard set (10x), Article number: 387.492
  • Lifebuoy box, Article number: 387.493
  • Quayside set modern, Article number: 10.406
  • Lifebuoy on pole,  Article number: 387.494
  • Quayside set old, Article number: 10.405
  • Small buoys (4x) waterline, Article number: 387.495
  • Ship lock, Article number: 10.403
  • Moorings and buoys waterline, Article number: 10.404

Let the Presentation Begin



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