Above & Below Scale Graphics of Canada has released WWII Allied non-slip walkways to enhance WW2 USN Destroyer and cruiser kits.

A frequently overlooked detail on models of USN ships is the anti-skid strips commonly applied to weather decks during the Second World War. Even when they are depicted by kit manufacturers, these thin non-slip walkways almost always appear overscale.

Above & Below Scale Graphics of Canada's recently released WWII Allied anti-skid plate decals solve this problem neatly.

 Above & Below Scale Graphics prints their decals on an OKI C942DN professional five-color LED printer which uses a process similar to that used by a conventional office laser printer, but with much higher print resolutions. The results are amazingly sharp:

These nonslip walkways are offered in three sizes (6 X 16 inch, 6 X 36 inch, and 36 X 36 inch) in 1/700, 1/400/1/350, 1/200, 1/144, and 1/96 scales. I was disappointed that the frequently seen 6 X 24 inch size (appropriate for the Fletcher class destroyers) was not on offer. I asked if that size was available, but actually ordered the 6 X 36inch with the thought to trim them down to size for my Fletcher.

Much to my surprise and delight, when the 6 X 36 inch decals arrived, there was also a custom set of the 6 X 24inch size included as well. Talk about customer service!

I applied a short test section to a Tamiya 1/350 Fletcher hull, and it fit beautifully.  

Above & Below Scale Graphics’ products can be ordered directly from their website at https://www.abovebelow.ca/.



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