Artitec has increased their a range of Dutch historic sailing ships.


For the Dutch Hoogaars we have made a STL file available to 3D print a "waterline" base yourself, with which you may use the model as a waterline model.

Artitec kits consist of resin and etched metal components. In the box, you will find resin castings. This material sometimes needs to be sanded or trimmed so we recommend keeping a sharp scalpel and some sandpaper to hand. Resin is not coloured and can be painted with Humbrol enamel or acrylic paint. The small details are made of etched metal.

  Product specifications

  • Scale:H0 | 1:87
  • Kit:Yes
  • Material:Resin and/or photo etching
  • Dimensions L x W x H:170 x 55 x 160 mm

Hoogaars in scale 1:87. This flat bottom ship is typical for the province Zeeland and was mainly used for harvesting mussels and oysters and fishing for clams. This kit consists of resin parts, including resin sails in the let down position, fine metal etchings, serafil rope, decals with inscriptions for:

The sails are not included. Dimensions: 170 x 55 x 160 mm.  We would like to refer you to the website of

Constant Willems  for an extensive description about making sails for ships in H0.  This website is in Dutch but Google Translate does a fine job translating the text.



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