Model Monkey have released a set of funnels and whistles to replace the Academy, Revell, Minicraft and Entex offerings in 1/350th.

Titanic Funnel 1, 2, 3 or 4 (your choice of one funnel) 

Scale - 1/350th

Item No - 350-Titanic Funnel 1, 2, 3 or 4

Only includes 1 funnel.  Choose which 1 of 4 available when ordering.

Recommended for -

Academy 1/350 scale RMS Titanic

Entex 1/350 scale The Late Great Titanic

Minicraft 1/350 scale RMS Titanic

Minicraft 1/350 scale RMS Titanic Deluxe Edition

Minicraft 1/350 scale RMS Titanic Centenial Edition

Revell 1/350 scale RMS Titanic


The single accurately sized and highly detailed model you choose represents one of the four funnels of Olympic class White Star liner RMS Titanic.  The model is scaled from scans of Harland and Wolff builder's plans.

The single funnel you choose is intended as a direct replacement for one of Academy, Entex, Minicraft and Revell 1/350 scale kits' funnels.  When compared to Harland and Wolff plans and photos of the actual ship, the plastic kits' funnels lack riveting detail, their height isn't quite right and the bases of the forward two funnels are angled without accounting for deck shear (slope).  This means that the kits' forward two funnels lean back too far, Funnel 1 more noticeably so.  The plastic kits' funnels' steam and water pipe diameters are much larger than scale.

More details can be found here -

Titanic Steam Whistles 

Scale - 1/350th

Item No - 350-Titanic Whistles

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