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Coming in February 2017, Eduard will release a 1/350 scale upgrade for Trumpeter's USS Iwo Jima LHD-7 Assault Craft Units.
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Scheduled for release in 2017, Eduard presents a 1/144 detail set for Revell's HMS Snowberry.
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Eduard 1/350 scale US Navy radar antennas WWII.
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Eduard has announced the November 2016 release of EDU53178, a set of metal signal flags in 1/350 scale.
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Earlier this month, two new sets were announced for Merit's CV-5 Yorktown kit (No. MIL-65301) and now two more PE sets have been released. They include details for the superstructure and the flight deck.
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New PE sets from Eduard have been released this month. One is a set of maritime signal flags and two other sets are for detailing Merit's CV-5 Yorktown kit (MIL-65301).
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3 photo etch sets have been released this month from Eduard for the Airfix kit of HMS Illustrious - R06 (No A50059). They are for enhancing the superstructure, flight deck and safety netting.
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Eduard has released 3 new sets for dressing up Revell's PBY-5A Catalina (Kit No 04507).
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In June we profiled an 8.8cm gun kit eduard had released and interest was expressed for a 10.5cm gun -and now it's here!
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Eduard has announced more PE sets for Trumpeters 1/200 kit of the U.S.S. Missouri.
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This month marks the 100th anniversary of The Great War and Eduard has released two PE sets to dress up a Revell's kit of a ship that fought in that conflict, the SMS Emden.
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Now obsolete, the air-launched and ship-launched lightweight Mk. 44 torpedo manufactured in the U.S., and under licence in Canada, France, Italy, Japan and the United Kingdom with 10,500 being produced for U.S. service before being replaced by the Mk. 46 in the 1960's.
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Minicraft's release of Martin's PBM-5/5A Mariner kit is the first of this aircraft for a mainstream model kit manufacturer. Now Eduard has issued several sets of photo etch details to enhance the kit.
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A deck gun for the Revell 1/72 U-boats (most commonly associated with the Type VIIs) in resin and brass.
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From Eduards' 'Big Ed' line of products, photo etch sets for Revell's Typ-IXC u-boat for the inside and out!
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More enhancements for the big Trumpeter Arizona.
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It's a plane, but hey, a naval one! A combo kit of the American made Grumman Hellcat in Royal Navy colors (or colours if you prefer) as part of the ProfiPack editions.
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WWII Italian Navy (Regia Marina) figures in PE. A pre-colored set of more than 500 figures by Eduard.
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New photo etch sets to dress up Trumpeter's 1/200 USS Arizona. They are offered in 3 separate parts.
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Ahoy Shipmates! Some new PE frets have been spotted on the horizon in Eduard's October release!
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Eduard Models has three new naval photo etch sets out this month. You can dress up your 1/350 I-58 and German WWII warhips or you 1/700 US Navy vessels.
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Eduard spices up Pitroad’s 1/350 WWII Japanese Ukuru escort ship Type A with their new photo etch fret.
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Building or planning on building Tamiya Models I 400 submarine? Well mates, this new photo-etch set from Eduards is for you, to add further realism, and high level detail to your build!
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Building Trumpeter Models 1/350 scale CV-14 Ticonderoga ? Well mate, Eduard Model Accessories has just the aftermarket accessory upgrade for you!

Here is the latest release in full color, high resolution splendor!
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Take a look at this new and exciting looking aftermarket upgrade from Eduard, in 1/72 scale, for Revells Schnellboot Flak 38mm!
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Building Hasegawa's 1/350 scale Yukikaze? Well here's a new upgrade set from Eduard that will enhance both the accuracy and overall looks of your finished subject!
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More NEWS in from Eduard Model Accessories, this time, a new 1/48 scale plastic figure set with brass photo-etch details added to brighten up your next US Navy dio!

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NEWS and yet another HUGE photo report from Eduard's Model Accessories, this time showcasing their NEW release in 1/72 scale brass photo-etch, the "PT-15 Japan Torpedo Boat" (Tamiya Kit).

NEWS, details, and HUGE image report from Eduards Model Accessories covering their brand new, four fret brass photo-etch upgrade for the "USS BB-63 Missouri" in 1/350 scale!
NEWS in from Eduards Model Accessories, of a very unique and interesting new photo-etch set, "Pacific V-day 2 Sept.1945", 1/350 scale figures and accessories.
NEWS and a HUGE image announcement of Eduards Model Accessories new photo-etch upgrade, for DML's "USS San Diego".

Building a 1/72 Vosper? Then this new aftermarket upgrade kit from Eduard Model Accessories will give you an enhanced look and a boost of your kits accuracy!

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The third, and final in the three part Eduards Model Accessories News release, of 1/72 scale after-market photo-etch upgrades for the Revell Gato class submarine.
Here's part 2 of our three part update of Eduards new aftermarket photo-etch upgrades, for the 1/72 Revell Gato class submarine.

NEWS in from Eduard Model Accessories, of some fine looking new aftermatket upgrades for the Revell 1/72 Gato class submarine.

Want to super detail your Trump North Carolina? Then take a closer look at this new after-market photo-etch set from Eduard Model Accessories!

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NEWS in from Eduard Model Accessories, a "boatload" of images of their latest aftermarket upgrades, "The USS Arizona", in 1/350 scale.

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Building the Italeri #5602 ELCO PT-Boat?

What a better way to make your model more appealing, as well as increasing the overall accuracy of the build, than by adding a photo-etch upgrade!

Take a look at Eduard Model Accessories new May addition, the "Elco PT 596" photo-etch upgrade set.
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NEWS and images in from Eduard Model Acessories of their new after market upgrade set specifically designed for Trumpeter Models 1/350 scale HMS Hood!
News in to the MSW News desk!

Eduard sends us NEWS this morning of a new photo-etch fret for the 1/144 scale VIID Submarine subject!

Catalogue # - 17022

Item ID- U-Boat VIID 1/144

Mfr. suggested price- $ 19.95 U.S.

Visit the Eduard website for a four page downloadable .pdf file of the instruction sheet for this set!
It seems that nowadays, one cannot browse the catalogues of the major after-market manufacturers without finding yet more AM sets for Revell's superb 1/72nd Scale U-Boat. The latest to join this list, is EDUARD....
On their website Eduard published a newsletter with new releases for August.
Eduard has just published a "Quick preview" of their new photoetched sets. They produced two impressive looking sets for Trumpeter's US aricraft carrier Hornet.