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News in from Revell of Germany, of a new and VERY exciting looking Military Small Craft release!!
News in to the MSW news desk!

Two new and very interesting looking photo-etch sets from White Ensign Models!
Well, the wait is over, mates!
Here they are, the elusive first images of the new and very soon to be released 1/72 scale GATO, from Revell Models!
News in to the MSW Newsdesk!
Pit-Road Models sends us news and images of some of their upcoming releases!
Here's News of yet ANOTHER 1/35 scale German "Lindse" Boat, being offered to us shipwrights this time by Das Werk Miniatures!
News in to the MSW Newsdesk!

Here's a most welcome addition to MSW's databanks of new vendors, a German based manufacturer of turned barrels and after market accessories concentrating on the shipwright, Modellmarine.de shop!
NEWS in from figure producers Hecker and Goros, of a fine looking new three piece German Navy figure set!
NEWS in to the MSW Newsfeed. . .
A HUGE image update sent from across the pond from U-Models, France!
News in from across the pond at Pit Road Models, some exciting joint venture projects to be released this month.
News in to the MSW Newsfeed!
Dragon Models Limited sends us NEWS and images of their next exciting release in 1/700 scale plastic, the USS Pinckney DDG-91, Arleigh Burke-class destroyer!
In a follow up NEWS story, John McNenney of Military Miniatures Warehouse has news of a new item available from Cottage Industry Models, producers of fine Civil War era naval vessels and ship guns. The release is a "mother of all Civil War model kits", a rendition of the Union ironclad "USS Monadnock" and will be available in October.
Mig Productions has just announced that they are now producing their BRONEKATER patrol boat in the smaller 1/72nd scale...
NEWS in to the MSW News desk!

Hasegawa Models sends us an advance announcement of some interesting late fall/early winter releases, in both 1/700 and 1/350 scale.
Fujimi Models announces the first three October releases, all in 1/700 scale.
First images and details below!
News in to the MSW News-feed. . .
Revell of Germany sends us details, and images of the first three kits in their soon to be released, "50th Anniversary Series"!
News from the far east, Tamiya Models has introduced another fine addition to their "Waterline Series" of plastic ship model kits, this time it's the 1/700 scale, "The Kumano", Japanese Light Cruiser.
News in to the MSW Newsfeed!
Advance update from Trumpeter Models of their next offering to the Shipwrights!
NEWS, Images, and full details of Dragon Models Limited latest carrier release, in 1/700 scale plastic!

NEWS in from across the pond, exclusive new images of TEN new A/M accessory kits, brought to you from the partnership of Lionroar/Pit Road Models!
NEW !!! Kit of Union ironclad USS Monadnock from Cottage Industry Models now available!!
News in from across the pond at Revell of Germany, of an interesting new addition in 1:350 scale plastic!
More NEWS from Hasegawa Models!
A new, fantastic looking 1/350 scale A/M Photo-Etch upgrade set to accompany the next new release of, "Yukikaze Operation Ten-Go 1945"
NEWS in to the MSW News desk!
Hasegawa Models sends us news and images of another exciting version of the Yukikaze!
News and images in to the MSW Newsfeed!
The "elusive" Bronco Models 1/350 scale Seawolf sub is released!
Here's NEWS of three up and coming additions in the 1/700 scale plastic range, a joint venture between Pit Road and Trumpeter Models!
Pit Road Models sends us advance news of two interesting October releases!
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News in to the MSW Newsfeed, from across the pond, of some hot photo-etch pre-orders from White Ensign Models!
Here's an announcement of two new versatile additions to Hasegawa Models fine line of aftermarket ship accessories.
News in to the MSW Newsfeed;

Another new Vendor hhas been added to the data-banks of Model Shipwrights, Polish manufacturer, JSC Models!
Just in to the MSW Newsfeed:

White Ensign Models first images and early details on their next photo-etch addition!
News in to the MSW Newsfeed!

All hand's on deck! Here's a story for the classic sailing ship modelers out there, a new and upcoming kit from Heller Models, the HMS Victory, in 1/100 scale plastic!
News in to the MSW Newsdesk...Advance images, and details of Trumpeter Models upcoming new submarine model kit, the "USS GATO SS-212 1941", in 1/144 scale.
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John Snyder, from White Ensign Models, sends us this first exclusive image of the new PE set, # PE 3587, 1/350 Varyag!

Exclusive News just in from John Snyder, of White Ensign Models, of their latest offering for the PT Boat enthusiast!
John Snyder, of White Ensign Models sends us News of some fresh additions to the Colourcoat Line of model paints! Read On!!!
NEWS in to the MSW News Desk!

A new addition in 1/700 scale to Trumpeter Models ever increasing line of fantastic warship subjects!

Details to follow!
NEWS and Images in to the MSW News desk!

Details of 9 new aftermarket accessory sets froma joint venture between Pit-Road and Trumpeter Models!
NEWS in to the MSW News Desk!

An interesting new addition to Revell's line of submarine/warship model subjects!
Let's take a closer, more detailed look at Trumpeter Models new 1/700 scale release,
Russian Navy Slava Class Cruiser, "Marshal Ustinov"!
News In From Cajun Country!

Gator's Paint Mask announces a full line of camouflage masks for the 1/72 Revell Type VIIC Uboat!
NEWS just in to the MSW Newsroom!
A great new addition to your bookshelf, just in time for MSW's Leyte Gulf Campaign!!

Full Story Below!!
News just in to the MSW Newsfeed...

Gold Medal Models announces the addition of two new useful and exciting Photo-Etch sets!
News just in to the MSW Newsfeed...

New model manufacturers DioramaWorld share their plans of a very interesting release for the shipwright/diorama builder!
News in to MSW's Newsdesk!...
Here's a sneek Peek at DML's next premium edition "addition" to their Warship Series!
Breaking News!!

U-Brass and White Ensign Models have teamed together to meet modelers demands!
Here's a News Story of two very interesting new additions to Pit Road Models line of submarine subjects, plus news of a new carrier kit offering in 1/700 scale resin!
Here's a mid-summer update from MSW's own Kenny Loup, owner, operator, and artist of Gators Paint Mask!
This just in to MSW's mobile newsroom, John Snyder shares with us WEM's newest releases.
Check out these three new and quite interesting future releases from Osprey Publishing!
Some interesting News from Pit-Road of two Patrol Boat future releases!