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Wednesday, June 13, 2018 - 11:49 AM UTC
Available Now from Ship Modeller Magazine, Issue 5 in their E-magazine Series!
Issue 5 of Ship Modeller Magazine contains 100 pages packed with Full Builds, Reviews and a Special Report from Monson 2018!


Model Ships from Paper - By Gordon Upton
HMS Magnificent - By Jim Bauman
IJN Shimakaze - By Chris Meddings
Peacock Class Corvette - By Roy Kinsella
Kit Reviews
HIJMS Izumo - By Chris Meddings
Raptor Fast Attack Craft - By Albert Tureczek
Tsesarevich at the Battle of Yellow Sea - By Chris Meddings
Book Reviews
Show Report - MonsonShow 2018

Issue 5 from Ship Modeller Magazine is available through the Ship Modeller Website!

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