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Monday, June 11, 2018 - 11:32 AM UTC
Casemate Publishing releases a list of new books which they have added to their growing selection of titles.

Casemate has received lots of outstanding modelling books recently which we're delighted to share with you.

A new batch of Kagero's in stock and some new heavily illustrated books from Harpia Publishing, Model Centrum Progres, AFV Modeller and Helion & Company.

Remember, as a gift to you for subscribing to Casemate's emails, you can use their discount code to receive 20% off any book.

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Casemate Publishing ReviewsMORE
Allied Armour in Normandy _BOOKALT
by Darren Baker
Operation Typhoon _BOOKALT
by Darren Baker
Wingnut Wings Volume 1 _BOOKALT
by Adie Roberts
Blood and Bandages _BOOKALT
by Darren Baker
Luftwaffe in Colour _BOOKALT
by Darren Baker | of 1 ratings, 100% found this helpful
The Boy Airman _BOOKALT
by | of 1 ratings, 100% found this helpful
The Lafayette Escadrille _BOOKALT
by Stephen T. Lawson
Tanks in Hell _BOOKALT
by Bill Cross | of 2 ratings, 100% found this helpful
Fabled Fifteen _BOOKALT
by Alex Howie
The Old Front Line _BOOKALT
by Darren Baker
The Ardennes 1944-1945 _BOOKALT
by Darren Baker
Tall Ships Handbook _BOOKALT
by Felix Bustelo
Tramp Ships _BOOKALT
by Felix Bustelo
Into the Dark Water _BOOKALT Video Review included
by Jim Starkweather
The Lions of Carentan _BOOKALT
by Rick Cooper | of 1 ratings, 100% found this helpful
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