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Thursday, March 29, 2018 - 12:50 AM UTC
With the release of images and video from Paul Allen's successful expedition to locate USS Lexington CV-2, Model Monkey has updated products to reflect features confirmed by these images.
Island and Funnel for USS Lexington CV-2 as they appeared in May, 1942. The designs include features confirmed from photos of the wreck. Round-ended splinter shields for quadruple 1.1" anti-aircraft mounts ("Chicago Pianos") are also available. Most plastic kits include erroneously shaped square-ended shields.

1/350 scale:http://shpws.me/PW2e
1/700 scale:http://shpws.me/P7hO

1/350 scale:http://shpws.me/PW1l
1/700 scale:http://shpws.me/P7hV

Splinter shields
1/350 scale:http://shpws.me/PVYa
1/700 scale:http://shpws.me/PVYl


Coming soon: 1944 superstructure for USS Pennsylvania BB-38, in 1/700 scale, 1/426 scale (1/429 true scale), 1/350 scale and 1/200 scale.


Complete catalog of over 1500 designs for ship and armor modelers:https://modelmonkey.wixsite.com/modelmonkey


All Model Monkey designs are original, painstakingly researched and produced from the best available authoritative 2D references, often original builders blueprints or official US Navy drawings, never adapted from computer gaming files.
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