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Friday, March 02, 2018 - 06:25 AM UTC
Model Monkey has released a list for March of NEW items added to their catalog!
New Model Monkey products for March, 2018

Island for USS Hornet CVS-12, 1967-1969 (Apollo 11 and Apollo 12 recovery appearance):

1/350 scale (for Gallery Models): http://shpws.me/PQxY
1/530 scale (for Revell): http://shpws.me/PSeb
1/500 scale (for Renwal): http://shpws.me/PSgO


In addition to previously released sets of cannons and carronades for 18th and 19th Century warships, a ship's bell and belfry is now available:

1/100 scale (for Corel and Heller): http://shpws.me/PDY3
1/96 scale (for Corel and Ogonjek): http://shpws.me/PE0w
1/84 scale (for Artesnia Latina and DeAgostini Model Space, etc.): http://shpws.me/PDVR
1/72 scale (for Amati and Caldercraft, etc.): http://shpws.me/PE1f
1:64 scale (for Caldercraft and Model Shipways, etc.): http://shpws.me/PE1v
1/48 scale (for Artesania Latina, etc.): http://shpws.me/PE2m


And upper and lower capstans, 18th and 19th Century, too. On a frigate, the upper capstan is located on the spar deck. The lower capstan is immediately below it, on the gun deck. Please see catalog for links.


Wheels and Pedestals for larger scale models of 18th and 19th Century ships are now available.

For USS Constitution, USS United States and USS President:
1/76 scale (for Model Shipways, etc.): http://shpws.me/PK7y
1/96 scale (for Revell, etc.): http://shpws.me/PHGe

For Royal Navy ships of the line such as HMS Victory, HMS Vanguard, HMS Bellona, etc.:
1/64 scale (for Caldercraft, etc.): http://shpws.me/PH2A
1/72 scale (for Amati and Caldercraft, etc.): http://shpws.me/PH2u
1/84 scale (for Artesania Latina and DeAgostini Modelspace, etc.): http://shpws.me/PH28
1/96 scale: http://shpws.me/PH2s
1/100 scale (for Corel and Heller, etc.): http://shpws.me/PH7Q

For Royal Navy and US Navy frigates, brigs, sloops, etc., such as HMS Surprise, HMS Diana, USS Syren and HMS Bounty and HMS Endeavor, etc.:
1/48 scale (for Artesania Latina and Lindberg, etc.): http://shpws.me/PH6X
1/64 scale (for Caldercraft and Modelshipways, etc.): http://shpws.me/PH5a
1/72 scale: http://shpws.me/PH4F
1/84 scale: http://shpws.me/PH46

And one more, whopping 68-pounder carronades for HMS Victory, complete with King George monograms:

1/72 scale (for Caldercraft, etc.): http://shpws.me/PGsk
1/84 scale (for Artesania Latina and DeAgostini Modelspace, etc.): http://shpws.me/PGrL
1/96 scale: http://shpws.me/PGrt
1/100 scale (for Heller): http://shpws.me/PGt6
1/146 scale (for Revell): http://shpws.me/PGtF
1/180 scale (for Airfix and Zvezda, etc.): http://shpws.me/PGtQ

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