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Saturday, October 21, 2017 - 03:16 AM UTC
Model Monkey is happy to announce a huge list of New Products to their growing catalog!
Model Monkey has been busy the past couple months. Today they released a BIG list of new 3D printed items for ship models of many scales!!

Scharnhorst class 15cm (5.9") twin-gun turrets with barrels and blast bags are now available in several popular scales for your Scharnhorst and Gneisenau models.

1:700: http://shpws.me/P8TZ
1:600: http://shpws.me/P8T9
1:570: http://shpws.me/P8To
1:400: http://shpws.me/P8Ua


Sets of four 5"/38 cal. single-gun mounts (turrets) have been assembled and are now available for Sims, Benson and Gleaves class ships in 1/350 scale. Depending on the set, they include an accurate and appropriate mix of "single knuckle", "double knuckle" and "canvas-top" mounts.

Four all-steel-topped: http://shpws.me/P45p
Three steel-topped and one canvas-topped: http://shpws.me/P45f


A set of 36 modern US Navy Life Raft Canisters in 1/350 scale is now available for your supercarrier and amphibious assault ship (Wasp and Iwo Jima) kits. These models are intended as direct replacements for the various kits' inaccurately shaped canisters.

Link: http://shpws.me/P7Q5


Vietnam War-era SCB-125 Islands for USS Yorktown CVS-10 as she appeared circa 1968-1970 are now available. It's features are considerably different in detail than all preceding Model Monkey Essex class designs, including Yorktown-specific bridge window configuration, wedge-shaped SPS-30 radar platform, deck and catwalk shape, deck houses, and exterior piping. Compare the differences visible in the attached renderings of USS Yorktown's island with the previously released island for USS Intrepid.

Based on several customer requests, Yorktown's island has most doors open, with 5-bar doors fixed directly to bulkheads (no need to add photo-etch doors).

1/530 scale (for Revell): http://shpws.me/P6Li
1/500 scale (for Renwal): http://shpws.me/P6Pm

1/350 scale (for Gallery Models): http://shpws.me/P7Q5

For fans of Korean War-era straight deck Essex class ships, the earlier SCB-27 ​islands are available in several popular scales including 1/700. These islands are intended to help modelers convert their World War Two-era Essex class kits to their 1950s, straight-deck appearance. Each island design accurately captures specific features unique to that ship during the year indicated. Each design is different in detail.

USS Essex CV-9 (1951)
1/700: http://shpws.me/P5S0
1/525: http://shpws.me/P6Sn
1/350: http://shpws.me/P70Q

USS Yorktown CV-10 (1953)
1/700: http://shpws.me/P5S1
1/525: http://shpws.me/P6SD
1/350: http://shpws.me/P70R

USS Hornet CV-12 (1954)
1/700: http://shpws.me/P5S2
1/350: http://shpws.me/P70N

USS Ticonderoga CV-14 (1954)
1/700: http://shpws.me/P5Sf
1/525: http://shpws.me/P6Sv
1/350: http://shpws.me/P70T

USS Randolph CV-15 (1953)
1/700: http://shpws.me/P5S7
1/350: http://shpws.me/P70V

USS Wasp CV-18 (1951)
1/700: http://shpws.me/P5S9
1/350: http://shpws.me/P70W

USS Boxer CV-21 (1953) enclosed bridge decks
1/350: http://shpws.me/MQ4C

USS Kearsarge CV-33 (1953)
1/700: http://shpws.me/P5Sa
1/350: http://shpws.me/P70X

USS Oriskany CV-34 (1954)
1/350: http://shpws.me/P70Y

USS Lake Champlain CV-39 (1951)
1/700: http://shpws.me/P5Sd
1/525: http://shpws.me/P6Su
1/350: http://shpws.me/P70Z

Click here for cleaning and painting advice.

Model Monkey Book and Hobby. This 3D-printed item may not be copied or recast.
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More news - the design for a 1/700 scale, Vietnam War-era USS Oriskany CVA-34 island is nearing completion.
OCT 23, 2017 - 04:39 AM

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