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Tuesday, July 04, 2017 - 08:04 PM UTC
Model Monkey just released accurate forward and aft fighting tops in multi-scales for the USS Arizona.
Model Monkey is pleased to announce the design for accurately shaped and very highly detailed USS Arizona Fighting Tops, as they appeared on December 7th, 1941, is complete and has been added to the catalog. These fighting tops are also suitable for USS Pennsylvania, USS Nevada and USS Oklahoma.

Due to the extraordinary size of the CAD file, the fighting tops are being offered as separate Fore Top and Main Top. The two tops have different rivet and reinforcing plate and strap detail.

For Trumpeter and Modelik:
1/200 Fore Top: http://shpws.me/OJyt
1/200 Main Top: http://shpws.me/OJys

For Banner, Hobby Boss, Iron Shipwrights and Mini Hobby Models:
1/350 Fore Top: http://shpws.me/OJxR
1/350 Main Top: http://shpws.me/OJxY

For Revell:
1/426 (1/429 true scale) Fore Top: http://shpws.me/OJzf
1/426 (1/429 true scale) Main Top: http://shpws.me/OJCv

Complete catalog: https://modelmonkey.wixsite.com/modelmonkey

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