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Wednesday, May 10, 2017 - 04:40 AM UTC
As part of their May 2017 NEW items, Tom's Modelworks releases a set of 1/700 scale Stearman N2S Primary Trainers.
1/700 Stearman N2S Primary Trainer (x4)
Model No. N2S-700
MSRP - $19.49 US

he importance of the legendary Stearman to the US war effort cannot be overemphasized. Approximately 50% of all US military pilots, who fought in WW II received their initial flight training in this sturdy aircraft. The Stearman was colloquially known as the 'Yellow Peril' in US Navy operation based on the overall yellow scheme it wore while training naval aviators. A further 10,000 RAF and Fleet Air Arm pilots used the Stearman for primary training at British Flying Training Schools throughout the United States, between 1941 and 1944. Some 300 of PT-17s were also employed by the Royal Canadian Air Force, who designated them as PT-27s. 8,430 Stearmans were built before manufacturing ended in 1944. No other biplane was ever produced in such numbers. Over 1,000 Stearman trainers remain in flying condition today. “It was built like a truck, but flew like an angel.”……..which may explain why so many Stearmans survive today, and are so popular that a modern re-production line has been opened.

This is the first model of the Stearman primary trainer ever produced in 1/700 scale. We think that the 3D printed model offered here exceeds the quality of comparable WEM resin and Pit-Road white metal models but we've posted high resolution photos so you can judge the quality for yourself. While photography of these little gems is a challenge for our equipment and limited skills, check out the well proportioned model including the fuselage with detailed open cockpits and tiny windscreens, the open radial engine and tail assembly complete with a tiny tail wheel; the wings with struts and nicely scaled landing gear. They're not perfect, though, as the wing struts are a bit oversize due to 3D printing design tolerances. Fortunately, these details are rendered in a nearly transparent material and do little to detract from the authenticity of these models.

While the surfaces are not perfectly smooth (3D printing is done in layers), the plastic used can be sanded and painted much the same way you would handle resin or styrene. The models may still have some oil-like agent on them that needs to be removed by washing in warm water with a drop of detergent added to it.

NOTE: While we currently maintain limited inventories of most items, some items may be "printed on demand", which usually requires 10-15 business days from order to shipment.

Tom's Modelworks
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