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Wednesday, May 03, 2017 - 11:01 AM GMT+7
3D Model Parts has released a 1/700 scale HMS Ark Royal Weapons Upgrade Set.
This set (B799) includes all 3D Model Parts weapons needed to outfit your World War Two HMS Ark Royal.

This ship-specific weapons bundle includes:

B703 4.5-inch guns in Mk III UD Mount(8-pcs)
B701 Octuple Pom-Poms (8pcs, 6 pcs req'd)
B704 0.50-caliber quadruple Vickers MG's(12+ pcs - 8 ps req'd)

The parts are cast in a high-resolution 3D-printed acrylic resin with a non-porous, smoother finish. Parts come supplied on a resin wafer for painting with either enamels or acrylics recommended.

This set is offered at US$20.25 plus about $2.50 shipping, which represents a 10% price reduction from parts as ordered separately.

The HMS Ark Royal Weapons Upgrade Set set can be purchased directly from 3D Model Parts at http://www.3dmodelparts.com/1-700-ark-royal-weapons-set/.
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