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Tuesday, April 11, 2017 - 11:04 PM UTC
Modeler John Sutherland has announced two sets of decals for Royal Navy ships in 1/700 scale.
According to John:

“My main hobby is building 1/700 RN and Japanese warships; my business is producing decals for model aircraft. I have been frustrated for quite some time trying to find RN Pendant letters and numbers for WWII warships especially in anything other than black or white and even sometimes those colours too. Also many of the kit decals seem to use fonts rather different to those on the actual ships. I have tentatively decided to enter new territory for my business with this initial offering.

My first release is RN Ship Pendants WWII 700th scale. Each ship set contains three copies of the line shown in expanded form at the top of the picture for the listing. This line is in black for clarity. It contains a mix of the Flag Superior letters used by the RN pre and during WWII and the numbers 0-9. In some cases (namely G and 3) font choices are provided.

Two sets are presently available:

OMD1139 RN pendants Black (20 sets) and White (14 sets)
OMD1140 RN Pendants 16 colours comprising 2 sets each of AP507A, AP507B, AP507C, B5 (1941), G45, B30, B30 1943, B55, B55 (1943), MS2, MS3, MS4a, G55, B40 and G5 and 4 sets of WA Blue.

“I have printed only a very small number of these sheets at the present time but can arrange for more if the demand is there. I am very much testing the waters to see if there is a demand and appreciate feedback / comments”.

The decal sets are currently available at www.oldmodelsdecals.com under the new Ship Decals page http://www.oldmodelsdecals.com/Ship-decals.html.
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