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Friday, March 31, 2017 - 01:56 AM UTC
3D Model Parts releases a new 1/700 scale USN WWII Essex-Class Carrier Upgrade Set.
Just in, 3D Model Parts releases a new 1/700 scale USN WWII Essex-Class Carrier Upgrade Set. This set (U797) includes all our products applicable to WWII Essex class carriers.

USN WWII Essex-Class Carrier Upgrade Set

Scale - 1/700
Model No. U797
MSRP - $24.95

Product Description

Upgrade Set for Dragon, Hasegawa, and Trumpeter Essex-Class Carrier Kits (WWII-Era)

Set Includes:

4X 5"/38 Twin Turrets (Starboard, Fore & Aft of Island)
4X 5"/38 Single Mounts (Port-side)
18X 40-mm Bofors Quad Mounts
60X 20-mm Oerlikon cannons (single-mounts)
2X Mk 37 FCS Directors
15X Mk51 Light AA Directors

Piece-price of this set is reduced from parts purchased separately

(Similar parts are U701, U705, U710, U713, U741, & U751)

High-resolution 3D-printed acrylic resin
Non-porous, smoother finish
Parts supplied on wafer for painting
Us Enamels or Acrylics
Use CA (superglue) or PVA (white glue)

Note: If you need twin-20-mm guns, or 20-mm tripod mounts for your ship, indicate quantities to be substituted in the "Comments" part of your order!

We usually don't do sales events, but with newly added machine capacity and high interest in this subject, we can offer the bundled parts at almost 30% off the individual component parts, for a limited time. ~ Carl

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These parts are a huge improvement over almost any injection molded equivalents - particularly those typically supplied in plastic carrier kits.
APR 02, 2017 - 08:26 PM
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