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Tuesday, August 02, 2016 - 01:30 AM UTC
December 7th of this year will mark the 75th Anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. On that day the battleship USS Arizona was lost with 1,177 of her 1,512 crew -more than half of all the lives lost in that attack. If you have or plan to get one of the several USS Arizona kits that are available on the market, here, for your consideration as a companion piece, is a kit of the Arizona's memorial at Pearl Harbor.
This kit is comprised of two parts that are 3D printed and its overall dimensions scaled are from official US Navy Facilities Engineering Command "as-built" blueprints dated August, 1977 and modified to represent the Memorial as it presently appears. The features of this kite are:

* accurate, characteristic "sag"
* accurately shaped, dissimilar, stylized shrine windows
* raised "U.S.S ARIZONA MEMORIAL" lettering above the entrance
* boat ramp support ledge
* separate, detailed interior with accurate walls and flat and sloped floor panels
* accurate structural framing
* memorial plaque pedestal midway on the bridge, facing the ship's aft
* kneelers accurately shaped and located before the shrine
* two memorial markers accurately located on the second shrine kneeler for the names of survivors whose remains have been interred with their shipmates
* parts designed to permit interior painting and further detailing
* walls designed intentionally thicker than scale to provide strength to the model

It is available in the following scales and prices (shipping is seperate):

1/1250 $13.10
1/700 $24.70
1/426 $55.80 (same scale as the classic Revell kit)
1/200 $416.00

Available for purchase at the Model Monkey Shapeways store.
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