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Sunday, June 26, 2016 - 11:34 PM UTC
Shelf Oddity of Poland has announced product SO700125, a set of tiny 1/700 scale IJN Optical and target tracking devices from World War Two.
From the Shelf Oddity website: “We are a group of modelers. We like to do things our way, and the (often) exotic scope of our interests results in the market's inability to meet our expectations. We decided to go ahead with our own ideas as skill and available technology permit. At some point a thought came to our minds "Hey, maybe there are more freaks out there?" – at this point comes Shelf Oddity, stage right.

Our detail and decal sets are usually created to fit models we build (read: have started and found out that there are deficiencies/inaccuracies/simplifications/room for improvement/details missing etc.). This helps to put some genuine effort into it. On the other hand - there may and will be some idiosyncrasies, exactly for the same reason.

If you expect easy-to-build, shake-and-bake product... well, good for you. This is not and will not be Tamiya-like easy listening lounge music. You'd rather expect some prog heavy metal”.

Extreme Detailed Model of Japanese Searchlights 92 Shiki. Widely used on Japanese Heavy Vessels after 1938.
Set consists comprehensive set of Japanese Optical Equipment:

1 - shiki Sukuteki ban Target Computer - 12pcs
2 - 110cm Searchlight Controller - 12pcs
3 - Kansoku-Kyo 12cm Direction Controller - 12pcs
4 - Fukuho Hoiban Soyoun Sochi Secondary Gun Director - 12pcs
5 - 95 shiki Kiju Shageki Sochi Machine Gun Director - 8pcs
6 - Target Tracking Unit - 12pcs
7 - Target Course and Speed Controller - 12pcs

These stunning upgrade parts can be had from Shelf Oddity for 6.90EUR (approximately US$7.70) at
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