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Thursday, June 23, 2016 - 02:35 AM UTC
A new PE set for kits of old US Navy battlewagons that were upgraded for service in a new World War. Away with caged masts and on with new radar sets, catapults and more.
This set (No 788) was made with the Trumpeter kits of the USS California, Tennessee and West Virginia in mind. Pretty comprehensive in that it contains all radars and other antennas, aircraft cranes, catapults, rails, ladders, aircraft details and many other parts carried by these ships

While one Fret says "Toms Modelworks", the other two state "Blue Ridge" with the Blue Ridge Models logo. This product is listed at Free Time Hobbies as a Tom's Modelworks product (for $16.95 US, plus shipping) so I assume some sort of arrangement was made between TMW and BR for this set.

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