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Monday, July 06, 2015 - 11:19 PM UTC
IPMS Hellas is proud to announce its 34th Annual Exhibition & Contest, which is going to be held in the Hellinikon Olympic Hockey Centre, in Athens, between the 1st and the 4th of October 2015.
In recent years, IPMS Hellas has managed to improve and expand their exhibition, rendering it the premier modeling event in Greece both in size and popularity. Their last event signaled a new record in the number of participants (230 modellers) who exhibited and/or competed with 628 models, in total, and we aim even higher for 2015. Efforts to expand beyond the local borders, have been successful and they have had participants from Germany, Turkey, Serbia, as well as significant foreign modellers, such as Miguel Jimenez (Mig) from Spain, Per Olav Lund from Norway, and Spencer Pollard from the UK, who have transmitted their extensive knowledge and experience in the form of seminars and workshops. Special guest for this year’s event is going to be David Parker from the UK, of MENG AFV Modeller and MENG AIR Modeller magazines!

Especially for 2015 IPMS Hellas is going to commemorate a series of anniversaries, by including respective ”special interest themes” in their Exhibition-Contest, which will earn special prizes:

a) 200 years from the end of the Napoleonic Wars (includes all battles fought in 1815)
b) 70 years from the end of World War II (includes all military material used in 1945)
c) 75 years from the big battles of 1940 (includes the battles of Norway, France, Balkans, N.Africa – only for 1940)
d) Vietnam War (50 years from its beginning, 40 years from its ending)

This year they are going to allocate extra space on their tables for two special collections. The first will be dedicated to Olympic Airways, with models of all civil aircraft that ever sported the “Olympic” livery, and the second will be a tribute to the legendary “Jeep” in a multitude of military and civilian uses, alike.

Additionally, IPMS Hellas is also hosting and jointly organizing two other major events. The 16th Star Club Annual Figure Exhibition – Contest and the 3rd Games Workshop Annual Fantasy Figure & Armies Painting Contest “Paintathlon”

In recent years, Hellas has had an excellent and very successful close co-operation with the Star Club of Athens, a group of talented and internationally acclaimed figure enthusiasts, sculptors and painters. The success of the first two Fantasy Figure & Armies Painting Contests “Paintathlons” gave Hellas the necessary encouragement and joy to go forward with the third “Paintathlon” this year.

On the grounds just in front of the main building there will be several classic “old-timers”, motorcycles, jeeps, trucks and other “soft-skin” vehicles, as well as groups of re-enactors of ancient Greek “Hoplites”, WWII soldiers (Germans, US GIs, British paratroopers, etc.) as well as modern era soldiers (Vietnam, etc.).

Pictures of the venue grounds and building, the former Olympic Hockey Centre, as well as pictures of the halls, tables, and models can be found at www.ipms-hellas.gr

Secondary / Parallel Events:
- Star Club Athens 16th Annual Historical Figure Exhibition – Contest
- 3rd Games Workshop Fantasy Figures & Armies Annual Paintathlon (Painting Contest)
- “Old-timers” non-armoured vehicles open static display
- Various living history re-enacting groups

Hellinikon Olympic Hockey Centre
Agiou Gerasimou street, Hellinikon, Argyroupoli, 167 77

Further questions can be addressed at ipms-hellas@windowslive.com

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